Boxing Star MOD APK 2022 Unlimited Money and Massive Attack

Boxing Star Mod Apk: A well-known game in the boxing community, and players love the game. It is available on the iOS and Android Play Stores. The player controls a boxer who fights other fighters in matches set inside a ring. The game’s objective is to win fights and earn money to upgrade the boxer’s equipment and stats. Want to know more about this promising boxing game? Keep reading.

NameBoxing Star MOD APK
Apps Ratings784,013
Apps Rated4.8
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Size87.92 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold & Massive Attack
Updated11 February 2022

Boxing Star Mod Menu: Overview

Looking for a great game to lighten your mood? Check out Boxing Star Mod Apk. It is a mobile game that allows players to experience the thrill of boxing without ever stepping into the ring. The game features realistic 3D graphics and animations, making it one of the most immersive boxing games on mobile.

Boxing Star Mod Apk Cover

Players can create their boxers, customize their appearance, and train them to be the next world champion. There is something for everyone in Boxing Star online with multiple game modes to choose from, including career, tournament, and quick match. So put on your gloves and step into the ring – the world of boxing awaits.

Features: Boxing Star Mod Apk Android

Free to play:

One of the best things about the boxing game hacked is that it is free to play. You can enjoy all the features and gameplay without spending a dime. However, the game does require you to upgrade and want some additional features. Apart from that, Boxing Star is constantly updated with new content, so you’ll never get bored.


There are tons of different customization options available in Boxing Star hack apk. You can create your own unique boxer with its look and style. The characters, after customization, turn out lavish. So be sure to check out these customization options and make your perfect character to defeat mighty opponents. They aren’t going to let you win easily!

Simple Controls:

The controls are easy to learn and use, making them perfect for casual gamers. Most of the games have rigid gameplay that users don’t like much. However, and especially in boxing games, the importance of controls becomes valuable! Boxing Star Mod Apk unlimited money is one of the most accessible boxing games, as its controls and commands are easier to learn.

Boxing Star Crack Mod


Boxing Star cheat apk features beautiful 3D graphics and animation. The players look amazing, the hair, the clothing you will see them wearing, and their gloves will provide you with a nearly perfect real-like boxing match experience. Animations, too, are beautifully created, and that suits the gameplay. Furthermore, it has excellent sound quality as well.

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Engaging Story:

There is a deep and exciting storyline that will keep you coming back for more. I liked the Boxing Star Mod Apk story; you will encounter many characters, and the opponents are in great shape. That means you will have boxing matches, and winning isn’t an easy nut to crack here! But try your best to be competitive and have a winning streak.

League Mode in Boxing Star:

In Boxing Star Mod Apk offline, a unique League Mode allows players to compete against others in real-time. Players battle it out in a bracket-style tournament to earn rewards and bragging rights in this mode. Naturally, the higher you place in the tournament, the better your rewards will be.

To participate in the Boxing Star Apk Mod League Mode, you first need to join a League. There are three leagues to choose from: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Once you have entered a league, you will be placed in a bracket with other players in your league. The goal is to work your way up the bracket by defeating your opponents and earning as many points as possible.

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What’s more in the Boxing Star Mod Apk?

The long-awaited sequel to the smash hit Boxing Star Apk is finally here! Boxing Star unlimited gold features new environments, new gameplay mechanics, and new boxers to duke it out with. The game has tons of new features, and that’s a significant part of Boxing Star as it updates frequently and provides new gameplay to users!

Users will experience the excitement of boxing in exotic locations around the world, from the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Rio. In addition, the mechanics of the game are simple and will help you take on powerful new bosses, dodge and dash around obstacles, and use your environment to your advantage.

Furthermore, players can battle against new challenges, each with their unique fighting style. The graphics are improved too, and the visuals are becoming stunning with each new version! So, if you’re looking for a thrilling boxing experience, be sure to check out Boxing Star Mod Apk! It’s sure to get your heart racing.

Mod Features in Boxing Star Mod Apk

  • No Ads
  • One Hit Kill
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Skill Points

How to Play Boxing Star Mod Apk

In Boxing Star Mod, you take on the role of a boxer and fight your way up the ranks. You can choose from various fighters, each with unique stats and abilities. To play, you’ll first need to select your opponent. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the ring where the fight will occur.

There are two ways to play the Boxing Star Mod Apk – story mode and arcade mode. You’ll need to complete a series of challenges to progress in story mode. Arcade mode is more straightforward – you need to defeat all opponents to win. Your goal in each fight is to knock your opponent out. You can do this by landing punches on their heads or dodging their attacks and then hitting them while they’re open.

If you take too many hits, your health will start to deplete. If it reaches zero, you’ll lose the fight. To win, you’ll need to be both strategic and skillful. So, practice your combos and learn how to dodge your opponent’s attacks.

Drawback: One drawback that I would like to mention here is that the game is challenging and demanding. No doubt the controls are simple, but as you progress further, the opponent becomes hard to beat, and it takes a lot to beat them. Furthermore, you have to purchase in-game things like powers, upgrade your character, etc.

Final Words

To summarize, Boxing Star Mod Apk is a pretty chill game, and it will provide you with instant satisfaction. Although the game isn’t easy as it will test your reflexes, your sharpness as the opponents you will be taking on in the game will challenge you now and then! The graphics look stunning, and Boxing Star has everything that boxing lover’s need in a game! Leagues, rewards, matches, and the multiplayer nature of the game will keep you thrilled throughout while playing it. So it’s worth checking out. Download the game now and enjoy the kicking experience!

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