Extra Lives Mod APK 2022 Unlimited Money and All Unlocked

Zombie games have always been around. Android and iOS stores are full of zombie genre games, and today, we bring you another game in this category. Extra Lives Mod Apk is a perfect game to play as it will keep you entertained for long hours. The game holds many elements and is exciting to play. So brace yourself for some Zombie action and read on as we discuss the gameplay, features, and much more in this article!

NameExtra Lives Mod APK
Apps Ratings82,360
Apps Rated4.7
RequiresVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & All Unlocked
UpdatedApril 14, 2021

You can download the Extra Lives Mod Apk from our site for free. Plus, we have added the latest mod version, enabling you to access the game’s premium features. Explore massive action, amazing locations to witness and much more. Keep reading.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Android

It is a survival game, and promises challenging gameplay. Extra Lives will remind you of old school games where you have to kill enemies coming your way to win the game. The same is what you will be doing in Extra Lives hack apk but with some survival instincts. You will have to be creative and find ways to kill the obstacles, and they aren’t normal hurdles. You will face zombies as opponents, and eliminating them will be a big task!

Plot: Extra Lives Mod Apk involves the survival element, as you have to survive against Zombies and heartless humans. Survival won’t be easy, and the game is quite demanding.

If we further discuss Extra Lives Apk, it provides exciting 3D graphics and features over 50 locations. So you are entering a different location every time you pass a level. Extra Lives cheat apk also delivers thrilling yet engaging gameplay that keeps users engaged. There are many more features in Extra Lives that we will be discussing below. Overall, it is a light and fun game to experience.

Extra Lives Hacked Apk

Extra Lives Mod Apk All Unlocked

Life can be hectic at times, and video games are a great way to escape from the stresses of life. They can take us on amazing adventures, help us defeat evil villains, and allow us to explore new worlds. But sometimes, even after all of that, we want some mindless fun.

Extra Lives online is a perfect choice when you need a break from the more serious games out there! This simple game is easy to pick up but hard to put down. With its bright colors and addicting gameplay, it’s sure to keep you engaged till the end. More than 5 million people have downloaded and enjoyed the Extra Live game!

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Game Features – Zombie Survival Sim

Amazing Gameplay

When you play the game for the first time, your goal will be to restore peace in the city. As zombies and gangsters are causing too much disturbance in the area, it’s time to restore it. The goal looks simple, but it’s not. The challenges in the way when trying to restore order in the region are immense, and you will have to go through all of them to get success.

Apart from that, you will notice 200 characters in Extra Lives Mod Apk, all of which possess unique elements and skills. The game also supports 8 warring groups, and you will witness them in the Extra Lives. Plus, there is no shortage of weapons too. So, are you ready to take on the challenge?

Extra Lives Mod Apk Cover

Finding Objects

In Extra Lives Mod Apk, another important task is to look for objects and collect them. The objects you will be gathering in the game will help you in your exploration journey during 50+ locations. During exploration, you will have to tackle many of the Zombies, and they will attack you. So fight against them. If you are short of weapons, you have to explore and find weapons too! The game features in-game purchases that you can use to buy extra weapons and other items.

Hint: Are you aware that Extra Lives allows new users to select the number of zombies they want to fight? You can choose a number in the beginning and start the fight to get into the game zone! Don’t hold yourself back from killing deadly Zombies and heartless humans!

The Graphics & Sound Quality

Extra Lives graphics are not the highest of quality but are still bearable. The graphics will remind you of old games you used to play in childhood. Yet, the game holds many interesting elements that keep users hooked on it despite ordinary graphics. Plus, the soundtracks and music used in Extra Lives mod apk unlimited health and ammo are good. It matches the pace of the game and keeps the challenging gameplay alive.

Control Mechanism in Extra Lives

The control mechanism used in Extra Lives Mod is quite simple and easy to understand. You won’t face any hard times when playing the game. Here’s how the controls work:

When you want to attack the Zombies, then use the Red Fist Button. The next button is the Blue Hand one that can be used to pick or drop objects. You can also press both buttons at a time to make the use of the object you are holding in a unique way. See, that’s how easy it is to play Extra Lives. Give it a try, and you are going to like it.

Extra Lives Cracked Apk

Mod Features in Extra Lives

  • All Unlocked
  • Free to Play
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Health
  • Extra Lives Mod Apk Unlimited Points

Extra Lives Mod Apk Download

Extra Lives mod apk unlimited health is the perfect way to escape reality and have some fun. So why not give it a try? The game is available on Android stores and has been positively reviewed by the users. Plus, we have provided you with the latest mod version of Extra Lives that will enable you to access premium features without paying real money. Download Extra Lives Apk now!


Extra Lives Mod Apk is a game that allows you to live out your wildest fantasies. Survival games always provide thrill and challenging gameplay. The same can be said about Extra lives. You can try new things and ways to survive in this Zombie driven game. The game modes are amazing, like Deathmatch, survival and editor. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Download the latest version of Extra Lives now!

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