Sonic Forces Mod APK 2022 Unlimited Money, Gold and Red Rings

The best thing about games is that you can relate to them; for instance, Sonic Forces Mod Apk developed by SEGA. The game will take you back to childhood, where you used to see the hedgehog running on your TV screens. As time passes and you grow up, your chances to relive the old memories are back with Sonic Forces Mod Apk. Let us provide you with some great info about this beautiful game loved by millions of users!

NameSonic Forces Mod APK
Apps Ratings731,833
Apps Rated4.8
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Size171.46 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold, Red Rings, Coins & God Mode
Updated4 March 2022

About Sonic Forces Android

Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a fast-paced, running battle game that will keep you on your toes. In this game, you take control of Sonic or one of his friends as they run through levels filled with obstacles and enemies. You must use your quick reflexes and agility to dodge traps, attack enemies, and reach the end of the level in record time.

Sonic Forces Mod Apk Cover

With its easy-to-learn controls and exciting action sequences, Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a must-have for any platformers or arcade games fan. Also, the game is beautifully crafted and designed as colorful graphics are used, which makes the gameplay more engaging! So Sonic Forces are sure to please fans of the Sonic series and newcomers alike. So don’t wait more; put on your sneakers and get ready to run!

What’s new in Sonic Forces Mod Apk?

On the surface, Sonic Forces looks like your average Sonic game. You play as various speedy hedgehogs, racing through levels and collecting rings. However, one significant difference in this installment is that you can also take on enemies in a running battle. This new feature makes for an engaging and unique gameplay experience that helps set Sonic Forces hack apart from other entries in the series.

Whether you’re up against a single enemy or a pack of them, the running battle mode makes for an exciting and intense experience. So if you’re looking for something different in a sonic game, check out Sonic Forces Mod Apk.

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Features: Sonic Forces – Running Battle

Sonic Forces pc mods was one of the most anticipated games users were desperately waiting for. Finally, the game is now available on Android and iOS. It offers fast-paced action, beautiful graphics, and an engaging storyline. But what makes Sonic Forces Mod Apk stand out from other games? Let’s take a look at the best five features of the Sonic Forces speed battle mod apk.

The Engaging Storyline & Characters

The storyline in Sonic Forces Apk is very engaging. It’s full of action, adventure, and suspense, keeping players hooked until the very end. The game offers 38 runners in the new version, and they are categorized into four classes: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Special.

Each character’s class determines various aspects such as power, skills, speed, strength, and more! So every character you will see has unique abilities, known as items! Sonic fans will enjoy following Sonic and his friends on their latest adventure.

The Custom Hero Feature

One of the unique features of Sonic Forces Mod Apk is the Custom Hero feature. This allows players to create their character and join Sonic and his friends to fight Dr. Eggman. This feature adds a lot of replay value to the game, as players can explore different storylines and play styles with their custom characters. So, explore this impressive feature fully and make your Sonic Forces speed battle cheats – character the strongest!

Sonic Forces Crack Mod

The Level Design

The level design in Sonic Forces Apk Mod is top-notch. The levels are challenging but not impossible, and they’re filled with beautiful graphics and exciting obstacles. Players will enjoy exploring the different levels in the game. Plus, once you play the game for the first time, you will notice the gameplay is different from other running games. For example, here, you might have to build good strategies that will help you to win.

Game Modes & Fast- Pace Action

Sonic Forces mod apk unlimited red rings offer a variety of game modes, including story mode, arcade mode, and online mode. This ensures that players never get bored of the game, as they can always switch to a different mode to keep things fresh. Furthermore, Sonic Forces is a lot of fun to play. It’s fast-paced and thrilling, and it never gets boring. Players will always have something to do in the game, and they’ll never run out of excitement. Sonic fans are sure to love Sonic Forces!

Sonic Forces Multiplayer Mode

Lastly, Sonic Forces Mod Apk feature frantic, action-packed 3D gameplay in which players race against each other to complete levels as quickly as possible. One of the most exciting aspects of Sonic Forces is its competitive multiplayer mode. In this mode, players can race against each other to see who can complete levels the fastest. There are also various challenges that players can take on, such as collecting the most rings or defeating the most enemies. This mode is a great way to show off your skills and compete with your friends.

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Mod Features

  • God mode
  • Open 100 rings
  • Unlimited Power
  • Unlimited Money
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Speed Up
  • All 38 Characters Unlocked
  • Unlimited upgrades & Customization

Sonic Forces Free Download

If you grew up playing classic family home computers and gaming consoles, you probably saw Sonic the Hedgehog running around your screen. What if we told you there’s a way to experience those fun moments again on your Android device? All you need is to download the free Sonic Forces cheat table and see the world’s most famous hedgehog collecting those gold rings again! So, without further ado, get your hands on the latest Sonic Forces Mod Apk version now!


Q1: How many levels are in Sonic Forces Apk?

Ans: There are 30 levels in Sonic Forces

Q2: Is Sonic Forces game free to play?

Ans: Yes, the game is free to play. However, users can pay real money to the game to buy extra features.

Q3: Which Sonic Forces characters are the best?

Ans: Sonic Forces includes many characters. The best ones are Metal Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, Whisper the Wolf, and Super Sonic!


Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a fast-paced action game that lets you play your favorite Sonic characters in 3D! The game allows players to play as either Sonic the Hedgehog or one of his many allies, such as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, or Silver. Players can also create their custom characters, which can be used in single-player and multiplayer modes. With stunning visuals and exciting gameplay, Sonic Forces will be a hit with fans of all ages.

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